Chemical Peels

Sarah Swanson Signature Chemical Peels

"Get the Best Chemical Peel in NYC!"

“Exfoliation is crucial! That does not mean take a scrub with crushed pecans and grind your face off…”

dreamnote.jpgOur aestheticians will help you chose the best chemical peel that is right for you!  It is crucially important to exfoliate the dead skin cells away on a regular basis for many reasons and the bect chemical peels in NYC is here!

  • Serums and any other products do not absorb well if you have extra dead skin cells sealing off the surface of your epidermis.
  • Illuminate your complexion and have a natural glow.
  • Stimulate your own collagen and elastin's.
Our chemical peels work by gently and safely dissolving the "intercellular glue" that holds the dead skin cells together allowing them to freely exfoliate.

"Expect the best and great things will Happen!"

Enjoy your next chemical peel in NYC at Sarah Swanson Skincare of New York!