Laser Hair Removal New York

Sarah Swanson Signature Laser Hair Removal NYC

"Laser Hair Removal in New York Makes Shaving a Thing of the Past!" 

Permanent Laser hair removal NYC Style! At Sarah Swanson Skincare, we use Syneron lasers to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair in a comfortable treatment. We work hard to make sure each client is happy with their hair removal result and relaxed in the process.  

Our clinical hair removal NYC Fifth Avenue setting is guaranteed to deliver the expertise, dependability and assurance you are looking for in a trusted laser hair removal service. Combine this with Sarah's "Southern Hospitality" and impeccible reputation for a laser hair removal experience that exceeds expectations in Manhattan, New York and beyond! 

Cosmetic Benefits of reducing your hair with laser treatments

  1. Less frequency of shaving means less time to get ready: The recommended series of at least 5 treatments reduces the hair permanently by 70-90%.  An example hair removal treatment benefit is having to shave underarms once a month instead of every-other-day.
  2. Fewer ingrown hairs: Reducung the number of hairs reduces the chances of getting and ingrown hair by 70 - 90%! Removing hair from cheeks and neck helps your complexion.
  3. Smooth and Softer Skin: Hair removal reduces the stubbly feeling on legs normally felt 2-3 days after shaving and a few more days after waxing. Laser hair removal will give you softer, smoother skin after each treatment.
  4. Less discoloration and scarring: Ingrown hairs, irritation, itching after shaving can cause embarrassing discoloration called post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. One you have reduced the number of hairs, most discoloration goes away. 

“There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to look and feel great and it should show!“ 

Enjoy permenent laser hair removal NYC style at Sarah Swanson Skincare in New Yorkmanhattan-cosmetics-skin-care-new-york.jpg