ReFirme Skin Tightening

Sarah Swanson Signature ReFirme Skin Tightening Treatments

"ReFirm and Tighten Your Skin and Smoothen Lines all Non-Invasively"

loveskinin-note.jpgReFirme Skin Tightening "turns back the clock" with each session!  As we get older, we begin to lose the ever so needed collagen.  One very effective way to halt this process is with our skin tightening treatments.  ReFirme is a laser that delivers heat in the form of RF energies deep into your dermis, thus creating a "dermal injury".  Our body's natural way of repairing an injury is with collagen production.  Your collagen will be stimulated for up to 8 months post each treament.

Try ReFirme in combination with Sarah's other laser treatments for "Youthful" success!

“Feeling beautiful on the inside is required to feel beautiful on the outside.”

Enjoy your next skin ReFirme treatment at Sarah Swanson Skincare in New York