What is Triple "H"?


Water graphicHydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

There is a huge difference between DRY & DEHYDRATED! Dry simply means lack of oil, from under production of sebum from the oil producing glands. Dehydrated, on the other hand, is LACK of H2O!  This means not drinking enough fluids, not moisturizing enough or moisturizing with the wrong kind of moisturizer or not protecting your skin’s barrier function layer. Now, you ask…Just how do you Hydrate properly???  Well, first and foremost, Drink plenty of WATER! That does NOT mean 1 bottle of water per day.  It means at the very least 64 oz. of water in addition to the other beverages that you consume and add in at least one antioxidant tea. My fave is chi green tea. In the winter I like it hot and in the summer I like it cold (also you can add a touch of lemonade for a smashing flavor!). Next, hydrating with appropriate moisturizers only happens when they can penetrate. So exfoliation is crucial! That does not mean take a scrub with crushed pecans and grind your face off...Just very gently exfoliation with a scrub that contains ROUND exfoliating beads 2-3 times per week or I prefer to use a daily wash that has a mild glycolic acid in it, such as my Sarah Swanson Acai Berry wash with Glycolic, which was developed for this purpose. Since you have removed the old dead cells that were hanging on and preventing the penetration of your awesome moisturizer, now you are ready to apply an antioxidant rich moisturizer with a base of hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid is the fluid that surrounds our cells and allows nutrients to feed and keep each cell healthy and happy!



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