Spring Break? Don't forget your sunscreen!


Sugar Face Protect Me Sunscreen photo

The truth is: the sun is harsh. Although we love it for keeping us warm, we don't like the fact that it can do some pretty intense damage to our skin. So, how do we protect ourselves from the sun's penetrating rays? You guessed it: sunscreen.

Along with dryness, sun spots, and unwanted wrinkles, the sun is also capable of much worse things, like skin cancer. Scientifically speaking, the sun penetrates deep into your skin and damages the essential collagen-making cells that give your skin its elasticity, leaving your skin exhausted.  Now, since no one wants to have prematurely aged skin, how can a girl protect herself?  The solution is to wear a sunscreen that can protect your skin really well.

Instead of wearing a heavy, oily sunscreen lotion, you want to wear a light, absorbing sunscreen moisturizer. While lotions can be great for your skin, they can sometimes be too heavy for your face, actually drying your face out more than it already is. That is why I developed Protect Me.  It is the perfect combination of sun protection and moisturizers, so it won't leave your skin feeling (and looking) oily. Also, it is SPF 30, which is the perfect level of protection for your face.

Keep your skin beautiful, radiant, and healthy with Protect Me from the Sugar Face line! xoxo


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