Soy Body Candle Tin - "Romance by the Fire"

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    This is one of our BEST selling body candles.

    A bold and complex fusion of leather, tobacco, amber and a base of aged teakwood and tones of patchouli and sandalwood. Sexy and sensual and loved by both men and women!

    Sarah’s therapeutic candles are a treat for both the body and senses. These body treatment candles are hand poured by Sarah and her team with 100% soybeans grown in the USA and carefully selected essential oils for a total body experience. Balance your inner energy with the soothing aromatherapy, while your body is nourished with the therapeutic properties of soybeans and essential oils. Massage the melted aromatic oils into hands, feet, or your entire body and let the healing botanical oils moisturize and soften your skin. Take the spa with you – these tins are perfect for travel! 
    Remember, it is a skincare treatment, not just a candle!  
    Extinguish flame before applying to your skin.

    • 100% soybeans grown in USA
    • Rich in essential oils
    • Relaxing aromatherapy effects
    • Perfect for both men and women

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