Soy Body Candle Tin - "Sealed with a Kiss"

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    Pamper Your Senses with Therapeutic Candles by Sarah Swanson

    Prepare yourself and your senses this season for the welcoming of friends and families into your home with therapeutic candles. Inviting people to gather during the holidays gives us the opportunity to create a special mood at home and within ourselves.

    Creating that special mood begins by satisfying your senses with the calming and balanced fusion of precious essential oils of Sarah’s hand poured 100% soybean candles. There’s no more stylish way of transforming a home’s atmosphere and yourself than the use of Sarah Swanson’s Sealed With a Kiss Candles.

    Imagine unwinding after a busy day with the beautiful aromas of lemongrass, lime and blackcurrant with hints of patchouli and the sweetness of sugarcane filling your home and helping you relax, reflect and rejuvenate. Then experience the instant soothing and nourishment of the therapeutic properties of soybeans and essential oils as you message the melted wax into delicate cuticles and the heels of your feet while invigorating your spirit.

    Sarah’s therapeutic candles are hand poured using 100% soybeans grown in the USA with carefully selected botanical oils. Sealed With a Kiss Candles have proudly been featured on and in magazines such as Women’s Health.

    Product Review

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    2012-10-11 Grace L. Versatile and amazing! You'd never believe that I put this candle on my "hair"! YES! My hair! I have extremely dry and frizzy hair, and it soaks the oil right in! At first, I was only experimenting with it after putting it all over my body, but by the time I scrunched the residue into my hair from my hands, my hair was styled into soft curls that I have never seen before! Even my hairstylist didn't believe one could put a candle on the hair. LOL I'm not sure if this would work for everybody, but it sure works for me. :-) It leaves my hair soft to manage until I wash it again, and it washes right out easily unlike some hair gels or hair sprays. I will keep ordering this one as my hair & body regime. Thank you for introducing this amazing candle, Sarah! It smells gorgeous.
    2012-09-20 Rebecca. I love this candle! This candle smells sooooo amazing! I love putting the melted oils on my feet. It makes them feel so smooth.