Sugar Face- Scrub Me

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    Product Description

    2 fl ounces

    Scrub Me is a gentle, yet effective daily facial scrub for ALL skin types. This amazing formula gently exfoliates and effectively cleanses pores, removing dirt and oil. With a combination of strawberry oil and jojoba beads, skin feels moisturized and satiny smooth. Scrub Me will leave your face feeling invigorated and fresh!

    • Naturally moisturizes
    • Round jojaba beads scrub without scratching
    • Superficial mechanical peeling
    • Eliminates dead skin cells and impurities
    • Rinses off easily with no residue
    • Gentle enough for rosacea

    Directions: Use at least three times a week. Can be safely used every day.

    Product Review

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    2013-04-10 Lynn. OMG!! This is possibly one of the best exfoliators I have ever used! I'm not even kidding, this stuff is like magic in a jar. Unlike other exfoliators, Scrub Me doesn't leave my skin feeling raw, but rather soothes it, leaving it feeling super soft and clean! If you are in the market for an amazing exfoliating cleanser, you have to try this!
    2012-11-26 Grace L. Scrub cream that soothes and invigorates! I'm someone who had never been able to put any scrub cream near my sensitive face all my life. But Sarah's "Scrub Me" gave me a wonderful surprise!! I didn't expect to get such great results, but it actually soothes rather than scratches my face each time I use it. Plus, if you doubted like me about getting a clean rinse from scrub products, you will be pleasantly satisfied with this one. It leaves my face fresh, invigorated, and soft. Well worth trying!